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REF Products and Educator

Natural, safe and high quality haircare products is a passionate topic for Duality Salon. After years of working with other products, we discovered REF. REF is a Swedish brand aiming to communicate our concept of natural beauty around the world. They believe in making Natural Beauty by Swedish standards accessible to
everyone, anywhere. As members of PETA, no products are tested on animals.

Authentic Beauty Concept Products

Authentic Beauty is real, honest, and purpose-driven.  These products are performance-driven vegan formulas free of micro-plastics, mineral oil, parabens, and silicones. 100% Cruelty-Free.

SOMA hair products Cedar Park, TX


Give Your Hair More of What it’s Made of:
Keratin Protein. The best way to repair and protect your hair is to put Keratin Protein back into it. This is called permanent conditioning. Tests show that after five successive shampoos with a quaternized Keratin protein, up to 45% of the protein deposited on freshly permed or color-treated hair bonded to the hair’s cuticle and cortex; thus, successfully providing permanent conditioning.

Every Soma product is rich with Keratin Protein, properly Ph balanced and lacks common ingredients that are harmful to hair health in color.

Tori Belle Lashes

Get that ready-for-anything look instantly with Tori Belle magnetic lashes. Personally tested and approved by Duality Salon, Tori Belle magnetic lashes offer that high quality, dramatic look without mascara or routine trips to maintain eyelash extensions. Tori Belle is the original magnetic eyeliner and lashes solution. Sets are available for sale inside our salon.

tori belle eyelashes